Why choose Marc-One Security Dog Teams?

Dog TeamsOur dog teams are trained to search people, vehicles and buildings to safeguard your business premises, festival or event.

Marc-One Security can provide canine support to cater for a range of requirements. For example:

Static Security Dogs: Our static dog units are an extremely effective, high visual deterrent that can cut down on the man power needed in static guarding situations. Our GP security dogs are trained in article tracking, building searches, find and locate and handler protection, making us the unbeatable team on any assignment.

Detection Dogs: Drug Detection: The highly trained drug detection dogs can be used for either passive or proactive assignments.

Other Specialist Dogs: Marc-one can also provide other specially trained dogs specific for your assignments including Personal Protection, Rescue, Tobacco, Firearms, Cash, Illegal Immigrants and Cadaver dogs.

Mobile Response Dog Units: Once an alarm is activated we deploy a fully trained dog unit immediately. On arrival the dog unit will complete a full perimeter search and if a dog locks onto the scent of an intruder there really is nowhere to hide.

Use the form provided or call us now on 0845 475 2151 to discuss your dog team options.

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